Artist Review - The Daisycutters

The DaisycuttersStraight from the surf and sand of the sunny Gold Coast is Aussie indie darlings and Triple J Unearthed winners, The Daisycutters.

Sometimes considered one of the most underrated bands of the ‘90s, The Daisycutters quickly solidified a loyal following, due in no small amount to their feverish brand of pop-rock spliced with punk attitude and unforgettable lyrics.

Still a formidable live act today, their performances became synonymous with organised chaos as crowds swelled and bellowed along to hit favourites such as ‘Sick Day’ and ‘Kiss Me Stupid’.


Artist Review - Walisuma

Walisuma - AlturasWalisuma From the mysterious wilds of South America come Walisuma, preserving the traditional music of their ancestors and enchanting listeners with the music of a people and civilisation lost in time

Featuring the talents of Genaro Chuquicallata and David Zapata from Peru, along with Mario Conde and Miguel Ayma from Bolivia, Walisuma perform the timeless music of the Andes


Artist Review - Demon Tea Recordings

Demon TeaPurveyors of subversive electronica with a taste for the hard-to-define.

Demon Tea Recordings is an Australian-based audio collective specialising in rare, obscure and unheard-of psychedelic EDM artists from around the world. 


Artist Review - Sleek the Elite

Sleek the EliteSleek The Elite Sleek first came to everyone’s attention when songs from his 1997 debut, ‘Sleekism’ were banned from rotation on Triple J after some of his lyrics were thought to be offensive…and that’s kinda why we love him.

Artist Review - Loops Contemporary Ensemble

LoopsThe brainchild of prodigious jazz wunderkind, Jonathan Diamond, Loops was established in 1995 as an exploratory mission into the counterpoint between composition and improvisation.

Giving form and structure to otherwise unimpeded freeform expression Loops’ music fills that rare space between traditional jazz and freestyle improvisation. 


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