Album Review 'Not My Cup Of Tea' - Demon Tea Recordings

Demon Tea Recordings 'Not My Cup Of Tea'

Boil the kettle and grab the biscuits, it’s tea time.

Purveyors of subversive electronica Demon Tea brew up a collection of tripalicious psy tracks that will have you wondering where reality ends and the fantasy begins.

Leave the dull and mundane behind as you go on a fantastic voyage of electronic soundscapes conjured and sculpted by true artists of electronic composition.

Album Review 'Life's A Mystery' - Gus McKinstray

Gus McKinstray 'Life's A Mystery'

Like a stiff drink or easing into your favourite chair, the smooth and sultry sounds of Gus McKinstray and his saxophone are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Falling somewhere between smooth jazz and bust-a-move funk, this album will melt your malaise and wither your worries.

Smooth, calm and more than a little swanky, ‘Life’s A Mystery’ is an album made for after-dark, when cities come alive and the cool cats come out to play.

Album Review 'Between The Spaces' - Alan Brown

Alan Brown 'Between The Spaces'

New Zealand pianist Alan Brown brings his extensive influences in jazz, rock and classical styles to this record which emanates the quintessential charm, cool and sensuality of the ‘blue note’ sound.

‘Between The Spaces’ seamlessly integrates his sophisticated palette into a wide-ranging collection of original songs.

Showcasing the immeasurable breadth and depth of talent from one of New Zealand’s most prolific jazz performers, ‘Between The Spaces’ is essential listening for any audiophile.

Album Review 'Recursion' - Loops Contemporary Ensemble

Loops 'Recursion'

This is the debut album from one of the most dynamic and progressive contemporary jazz ensembles to come out of Queensland.

‘Recursion’ introduces listeners to this pioneering group with original compositions ranging from classic mellow ‘blue note’ numbers, to experimental forays into the unknown.

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