Album Review 'Recursion' - Loops Contemporary Ensemble

Loops 'Recursion'

This is the debut album from one of the most dynamic and progressive contemporary jazz ensembles to come out of Queensland.

‘Recursion’ introduces listeners to this pioneering group with original compositions ranging from classic mellow ‘blue note’ numbers, to experimental forays into the unknown.

Album Review 'Sleekism' - Sleek The Elite

Sleek The Elite 'Sleekism'

It’s not just an album, it’s a philosophy for living: it’s ‘Sleekism’.

Known for his roles in TV’s ‘Pizza’, ‘Fat Pizza – The Movie’ and the outrageous comedy crossover smash ‘Pizza vs. Housos’, this debut from Sleek The Elite sees the Sydney MC hit out hard and keep the punches rolling thick and fast.

Step into the ring and go a round with Sleek The Elite as he delivers an aural onslaught that will take you through a time tunnel and stamp SLEEK on your forehead.

Album Review 'From Anuva Planet' - DJ Soup

DJ Soup 'From Anuva Planet'

DJ Soup returns for another piping hot serve of his delicious electronic hip hop, created with love and care in his sonic kitchen.

This album sees the Australian DJ and producer create more layered soundscapes with a mix of sampling and original beats, resulting in a record that is more than just a collection of well-crafted songs.

Album Review 'Souperloops' - DJ Soup

DJ Soup 'Souperloops'

Feeling blue? Under the weather?

Sounds like you could use a nice, hot bowl of soup…DJ Soup that is.

Take fresh samples, combine with phat, earthy beats and a handful of funk, and mmm-mmm electric hip hop never tasted so good.

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