Album Review 'Caffeinated And Wide-Eyed' - The Daisycutters

The Daisycutters 'Caffeinated And Wide-Eyed'

The Daisycutters cast off the shackles of normality on their sophomore EP.

This album encapsulates the essence of their punk-infused pop sound which has made them the unsung darlings of the Australian indie scene.

The stories are compelling, told with unburdened and heartfelt honesty rarely heard in pop songs of today.

Just try not to sing-along, we dare you.

Album Review 'The State I'm In/It's A Shame About Us' - The Daisycutters

The Daisycutters 'The State I'm In/It's A Shame About Us'

Relive some of the finest noise to come out of the Australian ‘90s rock scene with The Daisycutters.

This five-track EP demonstrates the raw talent and energy of a band carving their name in an industry the only way they know how: playing blistering pop spiced with a lashing of pure punk rage that makes this outfit unstoppable.

Album Review 'The Daisycutters' - The Daisycutters

The Daisycutters 'The Daisycutters'

Hailed as one of Australia’s most under-rated bands, Gold Coast pop-rockers The Daisycutters exploded onto the local rock scene in the ‘90s and remain a formidable live act today.

This self-titled record features a collection of singles, including perhaps their most memorable tune, ‘Sick Day’ as well as ‘Nowhere Fast’ and ‘Nobody Likes Us Anymore’.

Album Review 'Numinous Island' - Mantaray

Mantaray 'Numinous Island'

Worship at the temple of ambient techno with Susumu Yokota and DJ Ray, better known as the experimental collaboration, Mantaray.

Produced as one long continuous mix in Yokota’s studio and divided into 20 segments, ‘Numinous Island’ is a bold and adventurous sonic project underpinned by a pseudo-tropical/oriental theme.

It’s a strange trip indeed, but one well worth taking to expand the mind and reawaken your consciousness.

Album Review 'Not My Cup Of Tea' - Demon Tea Recordings

Demon Tea Recordings 'Not My Cup Of Tea'

Boil the kettle and grab the biscuits, it’s tea time.

Purveyors of subversive electronica Demon Tea brew up a collection of tripalicious psy tracks that will have you wondering where reality ends and the fantasy begins.

Leave the dull and mundane behind as you go on a fantastic voyage of electronic soundscapes conjured and sculpted by true artists of electronic composition.

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