Live Review: 'At Last - The Etta James Story', QPAC 19 Nov

Vika Bull 'At Last -The Etta James Story'

Either Etta James has come back to life or Vika Bull is just that damn good.

That’s the only sane conclusion I could come to after seeing her in ‘At Last - The Etta James Story’ at QPAC on Saturday night (19 Nov). Dressed in simple black and backed by the seven-piece Essential R&B Band, Vika belted out two hours of classic Etta in a touching and respectful tribute to the late soul legend.

Artist Interview - Vika Bull: 'At Last - The Etta James Story

Vika Bull 'At Last - The Etta James Story'

Few artists will ever leave a legacy like that of soul and blues legend Etta James. ‘At Last - The Etta James Story’ is a musical tribute to an artist who didn’t just sing the blues, she lived them.

Australian singer Vika Bull takes on the titular role for the production which recounts Etta’s troubled yet incredible life story through her music. “It took me about a year to prepare,” Vika says.

“I had to learn her songs, had to research her life, and I read her book ‘Rage To Survive’ twice which I still refer back to now and then. I looked at a lot of stuff on YouTube.

“Then the preparation became: ‘how am I going to sing this seven nights a week’ because it’s a really tough sing, so I had to practice very hard and become vocally fit - kind of like running a marathon.”

Artist Interview - Sleek The Elite: Rap Battler

Sleek The Elite 'Hard For A Rapper'Every rapper knows it’s a jungle out there, just ask Sleek The Elite.

As he prepares to release his long-awaited third album, the Sydney MC and actor looks back to where it all began and the road he’s walked to get where he is today.

“Life was pretty tough on me for a bit with bad situations I was in but what I’m trying to do, and I think I’ve succeeded, is turn all that negative shit into a force of energy,” says Sleek.

“If I didn’t, the pain would have consumed me and there wouldn’t have been any more Sleek as you know it. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be here anymore, but I wouldn’t be here in the same capacity.”

Album Review 'The Evolution Will Not Be Televised' - Evolutionary Vibes

Evolutionary Vibes Vol. III 'The Evolution Will Not Be Televised'

What started as an amoeba in the primordial ooze of music takes full form and stands upright on the third instalment of the dynamic and progressive ‘Evolutionary Vibes’ collection.

‘The Evolution Will Not Be Televised’ is natural selection at work, a demonstration of Australian electronica adapting to its ever-changing environment, where only the strongest and fittest survive.

Simultaneously intimidating and enticing, dangerous and delightful, this record is definitely the apex predator of its species.

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