Artist Review - Gus McKinstray

Gus MckinstraySmooth jazz doesn’t come any smoother than Gus McKinstray, Australia’s answer to Kenny G.

Considered one of the best saxophone players in the industry, Gus has played on countless studio session recordings and toured extensively both nationally and overseas.



Artist Review - Kate Gibson

Kate Gibson

Kate GibsonA mainstay of the South-East Queensland music scene for over 20 years, Kate Gibson is a dynamic and multi-faceted singer-songwriter

Artist Review - Mantaray

MantarayMantaray is the musical collaboration of Japanese ambient-electronic composer, Susumu Yokota and New Zealand-born producer, DJ Ray.

Meeting initially in 1992, the two worked together to produce soundscapes comprised of each artists’ trademark style. Yokota’s carefully-constructed orchestral sounds of nature were succinctly underpinned by Ray’s deep, pulsing rhythms


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