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Sleek The Elite - Hard For A Rapper

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Album: Hard For A Rapper

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Hard For A Rapper

They say it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll, but if you want to rap your way to the top Sleek is proof-positive you better come ready for a fight.

Fifteen years in the making, ‘Hard For A Rapper’ comes out swinging right from opening track ‘Basslines’ with a live hard, die fighting attitude that shows the Sydney MC hasn’t lost a step. If anything, Sleek is at the top of his game on this record, dropping hard-spun street rhymes with spitfire delivery and the accuracy of a sniper.

The raw passion and heartfelt rage against ‘the machine’ that fuelled his debut album ‘Sleekism’ (2001) is back on ‘Hard For A Rapper’ like a force of nature unto itself. Sleek doesn’t pull any punches, rapping about everything from struggles with addiction (‘Epademik’), and delivering a fierce one-two knockout to the Australian government on ‘Child Of The Cedar II’.

Sleek’s lyrics are underpinned masterfully by tightly-produced beats which span the spectrum of styles, from big bass and house party tracks like ‘Geddup’ and ‘Born Destroyed’ to the laidback West Coast vibe of the title track.

The standout track however is closer ‘Poet From Way Back’ on which Sleek delivers a spoken-word soliloquy accompanied by an ethereal soundscape that crescendos into a spectacular finale. Deeply philosophical, it serves as a lasting reminder that above all other titles bestowed upon him - rapper, MC, actor - Sleek The Elite is and always will be a poet, born of hellfire and raised hard in the urban jungle.

The legacy established on ‘Sleekism’ lives on in ‘Hard For A Rapper’, exuding the unquenchable passion, integrity and strength of character for which Sleek is known and respected.

This is a must-have album from one of Aussie hip hop’s most innovative and enduring artists.